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Company Profile
  • Business Type:
    Quarry Owner, Factory, Exporter
  • Main Products:
    Granite kerbstone,Granite paving stone,China granite tiles,China granite slabs,Granite tombstone,Basalt stone,
  • Country/Region:
    45 China
  • Established:
    May 12, 2010
  • NO. of Employees:
    5 ~ 50
  • Annual Turnover:
    US$ 1 ~ 2.5 Million
  • Authentication:
    ISO 9001:2008
  • √ Certificates
April Zhang
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Recommended Products
  • G562 Granite,China Red Granite Stone Slabs & Tiles, Red Granite in 2cm&3cm Thickness.Polished Red Stone,Granite Floor Tiles&Wall Tiles,Granite Countertop & Table,Granite Floor Covering,Flamed Granite
  • Blue Pearl Granite,Light Blue Pearl Granite Tiles&Slabs,Hot Sale Polished Norway Garnite Floor Covering Tiles, Cheap Wall Covering,Norway Granite
  • China Natural Hainan Black Basalt Tile & Slab Lava Stone Tile for Building Stone,Black Lava Basalt,Polished Nero Volcano Lava Basalt Half Slab,Cut to Size Basalt
  • Cream Rose Marble Slabs & Tiles, China Pink Marble Tiles,Beige Marble Wall Tiles & Floor Tiles.Beige Marble Wall Covering Tiles,
  • China G603 Flamed Tiles for Floor Paving,Granite Paving Stone,White Grey Color Granite Stone,Wholesaler-Xiamen Songjia
  • Shanxi Black Granite,Polished China Shanxi Black Granite Tiles,Black Garnite Floor Covering Tiles,Cheap Price Granite Wall Paver,Cheap Slabs Cut to Size,Black Granite High Quality
  • Black Galaxy Granite,India Black Polished Granite Floor Covering Tiles,India Granite Walling Tiles Cut to Size,Black Galaxy Granite Slabs&Tiles,Cheap Price
  • China Juparana Granite,Polished Grey Granite Floor Covering Tile,Own Factory Wall Tiles Cover,Cheap China Juparana Granite Hot Sale
  • Chrysanthemum Yellow Granite,Chinese Granite Slabs&Tiles,Cheap Price Chrysanthemum Yellow Flooring Tiles,Granite Wall Covering
  • Tian Shan Red Granite Slabs&Tiles,Cheap China Red Granite Road Paver,Polished Floor Covering Tiles,China High Quality Wall Covering Tiles, Tianshan Red Granite Slabs & Tiles
  • Engraved Tombstone,Own Factory European Style Monuments,Double Monuments,Polished Gravestone Headstone
  • Polished Cheap ,Chinese Own Factory Heart Tombstone,Engraved Gravestone,Chinese Granite Monuments
  • Polished Own Factory Tombstone,Cheap Price Hungary Double Monuments,High Quality Engraved Headstone Gravestone Tombstone
  • European Style Design Tombstone,Own Factory Hot Sale Cheap Double Monuments,Dark Grey Engraved Tombstone,High Quality Cemetery Tombstone
  • Hungary Monuments,Dark Grey Tombstone Design,Polished Headstone,Double Cemetery Tombstone,Family Gravestone Cheap Price
  • European Style Own Factory Design Tombstone,Cheap Monuments,Family Monuments,Engraved Tombstone,Cemetery Tombstone,Polished Hungary Tombstone
  • Enropean Tombstone,Cheap Price Monuments Design,Own Factory Cemetery Monuments Design,Polished Black Grey Engraved Tombstone,Headstone
  • Polished Hungary European Style Headstone,Engraved Monuments,Cemetery Monuments,Monuments Design,High Quality Cheap Price
  • Grey Polished Tombstone,Own Factory European Monumenst Design,Cross Tombstone Cheap Price Double Monuments
  • French Style Red Polished Tombstone,Single Monuments,Upright Headstone,High Quality,Engraved Monuments Headstone Cemetery Tombstone
  • White Marble Stone Religion Virgin Mary Sculpture, Hand Carved Mary Garden Statue,Garden Decoration,Wholesaler-Xiamen Songjia
  • Beige Granite Engraving Stone,Cheap Animal Sculptured Stone,Lions Door Guards,Garden Decoration,Beige Lions Sculptured
  • Multicolor Granite Lady Engraving Stone,Own Factory Sculptured Yound Lady Human Beings,Cheap Watering Featured Garden Deocration
  • China Grey Granite Carving Baby Sculptures & Statues,Exterior Decoration,Wholesaler,Quarry Owner-Xiamen Songjia
  • China Grey Granite Carving Girl Sculptures & Statues,Exterior Decoration,China Granite,Wholesaler,Quarry Owner-Xiamen Songjia
  • China Grey Granite Carving Girl Sculptures & Statues, Exterior Decoration,China Granite,Wholesaler,Quarry Owner-Xiamen Songjia
  • China Grey Granite Carving Angel Baby Sculptures & Statues,Exterior Decoration,Wholesaler,Quarry Owner-Xiamen Songjia
  • China Grey Granite Carving Baby Sculptures & Statues,Exterior Decoration,Wholesaler,Quarry Owner-Xiamen Songjia
  • China Grey Granite Carving Angel Baby Statues,Exterior Decoration,Wholesaler,Quarry Owner-Xiamen Songjia
  • China Grey Granite Carving Girl Sculptures & Statues,Exterior Decoration,China Granite,Wholesaler,Quarry Owner-Xiamen Songjia
  • Stone Cutting Machine,Quarry Stone Block Cutting Machine,Machine for Cutting Nature Stone,Used Stone Cutting Machine for Sale,Quarry Stone Cutting Machine,Stone Cutting Machine Price,
  • Quarry Stone Block Cutting Machine,High Quality Quarry Machine for Granite and Marble Block,
  • Fully Automatic Polishing Machine,High Productivity Marble Polishing Machinery, New Stone Polishing Equipment, Marble Slab Automatic Polisher with Zdmj20c-900
  • Automatic Wire Cutting Stone Machine,Slab Cutting Machine,Stone Multi Blade Cutting
  • Hydraulic Lock Hollow Column Five Stone Cutting Machine,Waterjet Stone Cutting Machine,Stone Cutting Table Saw Machine
  • Hydraulic Lock Solid Column More Pieces Of Stone Cutting Machine,Granite Block Cutting Machine,Marble Block Cutting Machine.
  • Automatic Brudge Cutting Machine,Granite & Marble Cutting Machine,Granite Bridge Saw
  • Combined Block Cutting Machine Bridge Type Block Cuuting Machine,Good Quality Marble Block Cutting Machine
  • Multi-Blade Stone Cutting Machine,Granite Bridge Saw,Automatic Cutting Machine,Stone Cutting Machine
  • Countertop Edge 45 Degree Cutting Machine,Tile Edge Machine,Stone 45 Degree Machine
  • Red Granite and Wooden Counter,Red Granite and Wooden Counter Manufacturer,Supplier,Bathroom Vanity Tops,Granite Vanity Tops
  • Pegasus Black Granite Vanity Tops,Pegasus Black Granite Vanity Tops Manufacturer,Supplier,Bathroom Vanity Tops,Granite Vanity Tops
  • Bathroom Vanity,Bathroom Vanity Manufacturer,Supplier,Bathroom Vanity Tops,Granite Vanity Tops
  • China Basalt Vessel Sinks,Basalt Basins,Wholesaler,Quarry Owner-Xiamen Songjia
  • China Own Factory, Onyx Sink,Mainly for Bathroom Decoration,Interior Decoration,Wholesaler-Xiamen Songjia
  • G664 Granite Kitchen Countertop
  • Muticolor Stone Chinese Factory Granite Bathroom Sinks Square Sinks Pedestal Basins Hotel Resturant Wash Basins Hot Sale Cheap Price Indoor Decoration
  • Hot Sale Beige Marble Bath Sinks,Polished Wash Basins,Brown Round Sinks,Cheap Price Good Selling China Resturant Hand Washing Basin
  • Polished Black Granite Wash Basins Bathroom Sinks Round Sinks Hotel Resturant Bath Sinks Hot Sale Good Price
  • Hot Sale Hotel Bath Sinks China Vantage Style Wash Basins Round Sinks Hand Washing Bath Sinks Cheap Price, Green Granite Wash Basins
  • White and Yellow Natural Culture Stone,Culture Stone Slate,Culture Stone Tiles,Wall Panel,Stone Wall Cladding
  • Natural Split Mushroom,Hot Sale China Quarry Side Stone,Grey Flamed Side Road Covering Tiles,Curbstone Cheap Price Granite Curbstone
  • Classical Stone Walling Cladding,Stonewall Decor, Feature Wall,Natural Stone High Quality Rustic Pavements
  • Rustic Slate Cultured Stone,Margarita Dudnik,Cultural Slate Cladding
  • Polished Granite Pink G664,Tread Slab with Full Bullnose,Polished Steps with Strong Wooden Crate
  • Polished Red Granite Window Sills Stone Door Surround Own Factory Hot Sale Threshold
  • Cheap Price Black Flower Window Sills Door Surround Polished Granite Stone Window Surround Cheap Price
  • Cheap Price Chinese Hot Sale Polished Granite Window Sills & Cheap Price Door Surround
  • Polished Yellow Granite Window Sills & Door Surround China Granite Hot Sale High Quality
  • China Dark Black Window Sills Polsihed Surface Cheap Price Door Surround High Quality Exteriror Decoration
  • Building Material China White Marble Fireplace,Inner Decoration,Hand Carve Fireplace,Wholesaler-Xiamen Songjia
  • China Own Factory Caving Beige Marble Fireplace for Inner Decoration,Free Design and Carving,Wholesaler-Xiamen Songjia
  • China White Marble Fireplace,Interior Stone Decoration,Fireplace Pattern,Wholesaler-Xiamen Songjia
  • Mental Golden Wall Covering Tiles Mosaic,Floor Mosaic Pattern,High Quality Brick Mosaic
  • Golden Granite Mosaic Pattern,High Quality Mosaic Walling Tiles,Chinese Mosaic,Pebble Mosaic,Pattern,Golden Landscaping Walling Covering
  • Sliver Polished Linear Strips Mosaic Pattern,China Own Factory Walling Mosaic Tiles,Golden Flooring Tiles Mosaic,Pebble Mosaic Pattern,High Quality Brick Mosaic
  • Interior Cystal Stone Multicolor Manmade Stone Mosaic Pattern,High Quality Walling Mosaic Tiles
  • Landscaping Stone,Yellow Manmade Stone Flooring Mosaic Tiles,Chinese Own Factory Hot Sale Walling Tiles Mosaic Pattern
  • Multicolor Manmade Stoen Mosaic Pattern,Polished Chinese Own Factory Polished Mosaic Tiles
  • Chinese High Quality Multicolor Marble Mosaic,Cheap Price Flooring Tiles,Walling Mosaic Tiles
  • Grey Flamed Granite Kerb Stone,Cheap Road Covering Curb Stone,Granite Kerbstone
  • Grey Flamed Granite Kerbstone,China Hot Sale Kerb Stone,Side Road Paver,Floor Covering,Outside Kerbstone Cheap Pirce
  • Flamed Grey Granite Kerbstone,Grey Granite Curbstone,Dark Granite Road Stone for Building
  • Chinse Hot Sale Flagstone Wall Decor,Flexible Stone Veneer,Ledge Stone,Exposed Wall Building Stone Cheap Price
  • Granite Kerbstone,Hot Sale Side Road Pavers,Kerbs Stone Own Factory
  • Flamed Kerbstone,China Own Factory Cheap Price Side Stone,Road Paver Stone,Kerbs,Flamed Natural Stone
  • Granite Kerbstone,Chinese Own Factory Kerb Stone,Side Stone Hot Sale Road Stone,Flamed Kerbstone
  • Flamed Granite Kerbstone,China Granite Hot Sale Side Road Pavers,Cheap Curb Stone,Grey Kerbstone
  • China Flamed Granite Curbstone,Road Stone Covering,Side Stone Cheap Price Kerbstone
  • Landscaping Chinese Granite Road Paver,Hot Sale Cheap Side Stone,Own Factoty Curbstone

Contact Details

April Zhang
  • Telephone:0086-0592-5560356
  • Fax No:0086-592-5211727
  • Mobile:0086-15359293102
  • Company Address
    2403, No.11, Hubin East Rd, Xiamen 361004,China.

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